Luminous Body Scrub
Luminous Body Scrub
Luminous Body Scrub

Luminous Body Scrub

Luminous Body Scrub

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Reveal cashmere-soft skin. This gently exfoliating full-body scrub is powered by ultra-fine sea salts to balance skin tone and relieve congested pores. A hydrating blend of botanical oils and butters that smooth skin texture and restore your radiance with a luxurious scent of lemongrass, lavender, and neroli.


  • Atlantic sea salt relieves congested skin and regulates oil production without overdrying

  • Cocoa butter stimulates blood flow and protects against environmental stressors

  • Safflower + jojoba seed oil rejuvenate imbalanced skin and lock in hydration

  • Vitamin E protects and softens skin for a supple glow

For best results, use this scrub before you get into the shower or bath. Apply a large scoop to the palm of your hands. Begin scrubbing in circular motions from the feet upward and the chest downward. Then, rinse clean or submerge yourself into the bath, letting the salts soothe and calm skin and muscles while the butters melt away. Not intended to be used on the face or neck.

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