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OxyTheorē Sculpt

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OxyTheorē Sculpt

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Price per Treatment $350
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OxyTheorē Sculpt

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What to Expect


Discontinue use of any products containing AHA/BHA, retinoids, or other potential irritants several days before treatment. Protect your skin from sun exposure to prevent sensitivity. Arrive at your appointment with no makeup or skincare products applied.
What to Expect

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The session will kick off with a cleansing, followed by the targeted oxygen infusion process, which feels cool and refreshing. A sculpting facial massage is performed to encourage lymphatic drainage and contouring of the facial features. A tailored mask may be applied to seal in the benefits of the treatment.
What to Expect


To prolong the effects of the sculpting, continue with lymphatic massage techniques as advised by your aesthetician. Keep the skin hydrated and protected with SPF, especially if spending time outdoors. Limit the use of heavy makeup or skincare products for the first day after your treatment.
What to Expect


Immediate lifting and tightening effect post-treatment. Increased radiance and plumpness due to the oxygen infusion. Cumulative skin health benefits with subsequent sessions.

The Results

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OxyTheorē Sculpt is an advanced facial treatment that combines oxygen infusion with targeted sculpting massage techniques to rejuvenate the skin. This unique combination aims to increase collagen production, detoxify the skin, reduce puffiness, and enhance facial contours. The oxygen infusion promotes cell turnover and brings a radiant glow, while the sculpting massage helps to tighten and lift the skin for a more youthful appearance.

This treatment is ideal for individuals looking to improve their skin's radiance and firmness. It is particularly beneficial for those who experience dull, tired-looking skin, or for anyone seeking a non-invasive method to achieve a lifted and contoured facial appearance. It's suitable for all skin types, especially for people looking to reduce signs of aging without resorting to more invasive procedures.

The frequency of OxyTheorē Sculpt treatments can vary based on individual skin goals and conditions. Typically, clients may start with a series of sessions spaced 1-2 weeks apart for initial improvement and then move to maintenance treatments every 4-6 weeks. It's best to consult with your skincare professional to create a personalized treatment plan that accommodates your specific needs and lifestyle.

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